Super Martes-Miércoles


Super Martes-Miércoles

Todos los martes i miércoles

color raíces + lavar y peinar por  35,90

(oferta no aplicable en víspera de festivo)

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  2. Det låter som en perfekt och skön dag! Skönt med pool, synd att de oftast är för barn, haha. Själv har jag köpt två klänningar på Lindex för det förnäma priset 79,50! Två för en på rean. Du vet de där som fanns i julas (i rött?) och nu i våras i rosa och vitt. Finfina, lite stora i bysten bara.Kram på dig!

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  16. Oh Angie, Hope you had a good week off with the boys. I missed you. But girlfriend, don't you know Lovie has enough trouble watching all the monitors now, it would throw her over the edge if she had to Tweet strips to you!! lol

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  48. The Oyster House used to be soooooo much better. The last time I was there was after the Superbowl Parade and it was AWFUL. It used to be a special treat when my Grandmother took us downtown. Fried oysters and buttermilk all around. Makes me sad.

  49. I loved the little mermaid! I haven’t seen it in so long though, and my younger sister never seems to want to watch any old Disney movies! I actually have two favorite movies, Beauty and the Beast, and The Princess and the Frog. They both have some great messages in them, and come on, who doesn’t love Beast!!

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  56. Jeff was my Daddy’s driver and oh, how he loved wo watch him race back in the day. You’re right, he always gives thoughtful answers and who doesn’t love watching him with his kids, esp. Ella??!!! GREAT interview, so happy you got to talk to him one on one…

  57. I can’t really disagree with you, IB. A death in war is tragic as is a death in an accident. I don’t like the media running into every hospital room either and wouldn’t want them in my face. But I still will send my prayers to the families and have compassion for the victims. It seems rather cold hearted not to.

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  65. You hit the lottery with the Martin family, bobbie & mike! While I have met the family briefly just once, I have known Dr. Martin for quite some time; first as an employee and then as a patient and forever friend.The genuine love Dr. Martin gives to everyone he meets, is contagious. He loves his family and it shows not only in these pictures, but also when I see him and we have a chance to compare stories on how our famies are doing. Beautiful representation of this family!

  66. merci pour toutes ces informations qui franchement sont d’une immense utilité et d’un grand soutien pour les novices en photo comme moi.Je ne me lasse pas de parcourir et de revenir sur des threads pour comprendre d’avantage de jour en jour. merci à tous et particulièrement à Laurent pour le temps consacré à son blog.

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  70. Sounds like one of my emergency venting emails I send you occasionally. If you werent pregnant I would say take a pill, it really changed my life (seriously). No one ever died from pizza, dirty baseboards or time away from baby and dog to collect yourself. Are there any preschools that will accept Lorelai's age?

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  81. Wow..That’s what I call a very loooooooooong interview! Thanks for this girls! I like the part when Christoffer interviewed YOU! And I’m touched that even the band is amazed about Marie. Good to know that we fans don’t wear “pink glasses” all the time (as we say in German).Interesting great interview!! Thank you!

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